ALPHA COURSE (Wednesdays, Sept 18 - Nov 27)
Free Community Meal (6:00pm- 6:45pm).
Course (6:45pm to 8:00pm)
Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring faith, life, and meaning. Each evening looks at a different question; Who is Jesus? Why and how do I pray? How can I resist evil? Does God heal today? There’s no pressure, no follow-up, and no charge! Click on image to the left for the film trailer. For more info, email Pastor Laura,

SMALL GROUPS (Wednesdays, Sept 18 - Nov 27)
Free Community Meal (6:00pm- 6:45pm).
Bible Study (6:45pm to 8:00pm)
This Fall join us as we equip you to grow in understanding God’s Word with a 3-week series on How to Study the Bible. We will then go through the letter to the Colossians over 8 weeks with teaching from Louie Giglio. For a sneak preview, click on the image on the left. See you here on Wednesdays!